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My package has arrived and it is in good company with my Apple and other tools. I'm beyond proud of you Danette. The packaging, cards and bookmarks are first class just like you. You've done yourself well Dr. O'Neal.

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This one comes from Michael Phillips

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Bye for now but once you've received your book I'd love to hear back from you and hear about your own personal experience. Feel free to leave me a comment below.

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Hi Soror: Your book should be a mandatory high school course. With that being said I want to purchase two more for my young and old family members. Yes, and you're very welcome. My mom is a great money manager still at age 85. Mom will be elated that I am sharing this book with my 16 year old niece who happens to be a student at Karr. Mom told her last month that she will.match her savings monthly!

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MONEY MATTERS to my friend & classmate Eric Sterling/ luv' ya' forever. Thank you for your support.

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You can't pay for these kind of testimonies: my Soror, (RhoPiOmega) Jackie Laster is a retired public educator with over 36 years of experience. MONEY DOES MATTER:

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Part of the problem regards money. We send children into the world lacking an understanding of basic principles in personal finance. Dr. Danette O'Neal provides a working curriculum through Money Matters 101 that has shown its value among individuals and groups that have followed its course. I have witnessed the positive impact of this book exercised in groups of children mentored through its content, and the testimony of individuals who worked through it with their children. For those interested, Dr. O'Neal provides training to mentor groups as well. Available on Amazon at $18.99, it's a small investment into a young mind... and some old ones too! I got mine; get yours today!

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