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Easy Reading for Professionals and Non-Professionals

This powerful booklet will help you identify your special sauce? What would you like people to know about you or your business? Think a minute about other businesses like yours, other professionals that you admire and respect. What about them stands out? It’s called a BRAND. How are these businesses/professionals alike? How are they different?...

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We're talking moolah.

Dr. Danette O’Neal, LEED educator, HGTV alumna, entrepreneur, and trainer is the President of Danette O’Neal Realtors with offices in the Greater New Orleans and Atlanta Metro areas. She has spent 30 years in real estate sales, developing leadership trainings, teaching financial fitness, and consulting for nonprofit and small businesses. She stresses the importance of capability, celebrating new ideas, taking risks and collaborations. -More Details                     

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Organize Your Church for Purpose

This guide was developed by Dr. Danette O’Neal out of more than 30 years experience as a Real Estate Broker and Ministry Advisor to Senior Pastors and their Administrators. 99 pages of tutorials, guides, templates, and sample worksheets will help you meet any financial institution’s requirements for lending, increase accountability and membership, fundraising, and move your congregation to spiritual and financial sustainability, (Part of the Money Matters 101 Book Series).


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The Overnight Entrepreneur

Easy Reading for Parents, Teachers & Students

If you're like me your best ideas don't come till midnight, and then you stay up all night tossing and turning on how to make it happen. Most people never get past this bright idea stage, others toss the vision around with a few friends or family members for a few weeks; and then there is a small group that wake up like a lion running faster than the fastest gazelle. I called this group the fearless thinkers!

Money Matters 101

Easy Reading for Parents, Teachers & Students

When it comes to teaching kids about money, the sooner the better. Long before most children can add or subtract, they become aware of the concept of money. Money Matters 101 uses short narratives and activities to teach children ages 8-18 the history of money, how to develop budgets and spending plans, rent vs buy scenarios, buying on credit, how to read the stock market, getting their first job, and giving to charity.-More Details

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Smart Money Guide for 18 and Beyond MONEY MATTERS 101: 18 & BEYOND uses Biblical Principles and 17 Commandments to Get Your Financial House In Order. This guide was written to help you answer these critical lifestyle and retirement questions. The workbook full of templates and worksheets is about using money, not loving money! It is designed for the people who have good credit and those who do not; the folk who are operating within their budget, and those who will not; and for those who make 6 figures, and those who do not!...

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Author Dr. Danette O'Neal

Also Available In Spanish

Money Matters 101 / Spanish 

Easy Reading for Parents, Teachers & Students

Mucho antes de que la mayoría de los niños puedan sumar o restar, se vuelven conscientes del concepto de dinero. Cualquier niño de 4 años sabe de dónde sus padres reciben dinero,  del cajero automático “la ATM”, por supuesto. La comprensión de que los padres deben trabajar para su dinero, requiere una mente más madura y  aun en ese instante, el proceso de aprendizaje tiene sus arrugas.

Este libro es sobre la enseñanza de las materias del dinero en términos de metas. Creo que a medida que crecen fuera de los mitos de la primera infancia: el hada de los dientes, el Conejo de Pascua e incluso Santa Claus, es hora de empezar a aprender las realidades de dinero. Si vamos a romper el ciclo de la pobreza, los planes de estudios de la escuela primaria y los padres en el hogar deben enseñar a nuestros hijos a dominar los conceptos básicos del manejo de dinero.

Author Dr. Danette O'Neal

DeBOOKIE THE MASCOT Copyright © Danette O'Neal Publishing

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grades K-12 

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KIDpreneur 101

Easy Reading for Parents, Teachers & Students

Build-your-business- guide for ages 8-18. It begins at the basics: Using decision grids and brainstorming, to teach Kidpreneur's how to create a business plan, market analysis, cash flow and cost-benefit analysis, and how to find funding for their startup enterprises. This book covers the types of business organizations, managing employees, marketing, taxes and how to protect the Kidpreneur's empire with insurance. There are real life case studies, worksheets and tons of templates to guide Kidpreneurs and to promote leadership and sustainability-More Details

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